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Ladder & Tripod Blinds

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1. Four to sixteen foot ladders included.
2. You can use a climber to get up to fasten your stand.
3. Fasten floor to the tree with turnbuckle.
4. The first step is to level your floor.
5. Side walls weight only 40 lbs.
6. Set back wall first.
7. 2nd step is to set left wall.
8. Set your roof on top of the two walls.
9. Set front wall last.
10. Install corner posts.
11. Install door and lock.
12. Option – Carpet on the walls.
One man is able to set up the tree stand in approximately 2 hours. There are a total of 20 three inch screws to assemble the blind. Two screws in each wall to fasten to the floor, two screws in either sidewall to fasten the corners, and two screws in the sidewall up into the roof to hold it down. Tinted windows come in three sizes, 12″, 24″, or 32″ H. A wooden ladder is noise free, metal ladders are very noisy when getting in and out of your stand.