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In the past year and a half, some of my customers pointed out issues with our blinds that they thought we might improve.  I will start telling you about the improvements we made.  First thing we did, we put a water table above the window, to keep the rain from dropping down on the windowsill.  Also, we sloped the windowsill so the water would run off, and we put seep holes at the bottom track so the water wouldn’t lay in the track. We are installing tracks on the top of our windows.  We have a new door threshold; the water won’t run in under the door. Most importantly, our new production we can lower our price over 40% off from when we first started to build our blinds


We had a very productive year.  We ran into a problem in Sept- Dec. filling some of our orders on time.  If you are interested or your friends are ordering blinds in the coming year, I suggest that you order early in the year.  I will work with the early orders, and only ask for $100.00 deposit.  When you are ready for the blind to be built, send $400.00, we should have the blinds ready in a couple of week’s, balance will be due at delivery or pick up location.


We are building a 12” shooting table that will fold down under your window, when you are not using it.  This table is convenient for long range rifle shooters that want to use sandbags.  Also, for crossbow hunters, you can keep your crossbows inside the window area to shoot. We are also offering a tower blind with a half door, this gives you (4) full width windows, ranging 48”-60” wide.  We offered Venetian blinds this past year, new for this year we are offering curtains that you can pull together to have your blind completely dark, the deer can’t see your movements. A set of (4) is priced at $85.00.  Also, new for this year we are building a ground blind the same sizes as our tower blinds. The whole side of the blind opens up as a full door, this way you have (4) full width windows ranging from 48-60” wide.  These blinds are on skids that you can transport around, and you can set them up within a half hour.  The blinds are starting at $685.00 I feel this is a big improvement over the pop up blinds that are out there on the market. We have all our blinds reduced in price, this offer will only be available for a short time.

Ken Gingrich


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