Image of Gingrich Hunting Blinds Logo
Image of Gingrich Hunting Blinds Logo

Box Blind

One man can set up a 12 foot stand by himself. It takes about ½ hour to set up the blind. The 4 foot wide stand is a 2-man stand. When you are
sitting in the stand, the deer can only see your head. Most of your scent is locked in the box. You are free to move your hands or feet without
being seen. The carpet on the floor keeps the noise to a minimum. You will be surprised at how the deer can’t see you or smell you. You should
see more deer in the future. You can lock your door, and also lock your blind to the tree, so other hunters can’t use your blind or steal it.
Shipping Instructions:
Your blind will be shipped to you on a skid 4 ft. x 4 ft. and 2 ft. high and weighs 95 lbs. It includes a 4 ft. ladder. If you want to go to 16’ foot you
can purchase (2) 2’ x 4’ from your local lumber supplier. If you purchase your blind from a dealer, we will furnish a ladder up to 16 ft.

Interview & Design of the Blind

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Tower Blind Installation

Ground Blind Installation