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Full View Blinds

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Full View Blind

5 ½‘ x 5 ½‘ – $2,385.00

7′ x 7′ – $2,785.00



  • 3 Shooting Tables
  • Aluminum Roof


  • Archery Box – $585.00
  • 5 Sets of Curtains – $150.00
  • Alum. Tower Stands


Powder coated/painted with oak bark color. Alum. will never rust.
8′ Alum. Tower Stand weighs only 95 lbs. with 6″ wide steps
4′ High – $985.00
8′ High – $1,385.00
12′ High – $1,785.00
You can order treated lumber tower for less than half the price


Archery box with 32” high walls, 5’x 5’ wide built with treated wood, LP smart siding, with 50 yr. warranty with Indoor/outdoor carpet on the floor.

Roof warranty, roof’s are usually the first thing to go bad, always ask for written warranty. A lifetime warranty is only warranted by the life of the customer that purchases it. Most all warranties are prorated. Manufacturer’s uses 4 type of materials for their roofs, fiberglass, plastic, rubber and tin. Ken’s hunting blinds roof’s are covered with alum. I will guarantee it for 50 yrs. Will not be prorated, and I will replace it free in every situation. I am 82 yrs old at the end of your warranty I will be 132 yrs old, hopefully you will see me in Heaven.

Windows ¼ Plexiglas 16” high X 5’ wide, slides up and down, only 4 blind spots on the corners 4” wide If you order a trap door you will get 4 windows 5 ft. wide. If you order 2’x 6’ door you will get (3) windows 5’ wide and a window in the door and a window next to door.


At the age of 82 yrs old I feel I should share some of my experiences. I’ve been a guide in Canada and the United States for 40 yrs. I know some of the younger generation might not want to hear my experience on managing deer. I had the opportunity to help produce lots of videos and shows for the outdoor channels. I have been retired for the past eight years, and I hunt an average of 100 days a year for whitetail deer, a total of 800 days in the past 8 yrs. I kept a log of statistics for 8 yrs. If you want to harvest a trophy buck, the most important things are genetics, and the age of the deer. The quality of the buck has a lot to do with the area you are hunting. My advice to you is never go after a trophy buck, let them come to your food source. It could be on the edge of field with corn, or beans, or on your food plot, or a corn feeder, or in an area with a lot of oak trees. If you hunt the same area year after year, set a goal of what you classify a trophy buck. Then never shoot one less than your goal. Don’t shoot a small buck just for bragging rights. If you are a sportsman enjoy God’s nature, you will know it is not all about killing. This past year I hunted a large field with beans. There was only 40 acres of woods in this area. I hunted in my deer blind 100 times, and had it placed 100 yds. away from the woods. I never went into the woods at all. During the late season I baited with corn and drew the deer within 30 yds. of my blind. I saw a total of 263 buck. If you have to harvest some doe’s for deer mgt. always choose to harvest only the one year old doe’s. You want to keep the older doe’s for breeding, and when they bed in an area it will hold the younger deer there too. I seen the same deer over and over during the whole year.

I make sure the deer never see me going into my blind or coming out at night. A deer won’t ever see you going into your blind because either they will see you, or smell you, hear you and run off. At night before I come out of my blind and there are deer around me I will softly tap on the walls of the blind. The deer will never know where the noise is coming from, they will either walk or run away slow and not feel threaten. Over the years I made a lot of test s if a deer can pick up your scent when the windows are closed in your blind. Sometimes I will go as many as five days without taking a shower, because I want my body odor to do my testing. Over the last four years, I only had one deer that snorted at me. I am coming out with a new blind this year, it has (3) fold down shooting tables. 10” wide X 4 ft. long. You can use sandbags for long range shooting . We use ¼” plexiglas, our windows slide up and down. In the early morning and late evening’s plexiglas windows are difficult to see out of. You can open your windows a couple of inches at this time and have a clear view. When you are sitting in your chair, there is a pull cord above your head. Pull this cord and it will open each window separately at any height. When you are hunting in the blind, do away with your camouflage clothes. Wear all black including your hats, facemask, and gloves. I also made this test many times, I would tap on the window the deer would look up in my directions, and I would wave my hand a couple inches away from the window, and they would never react to it. If you are putting a blind in the woods, I would recommend not to go higher than 8 feet, so you are below the leaves on the trees and you can see up to 200 yds. This gives you plenty of time to open your window. You should never let a deer get any closer than 30 yds. from the blind. I don’t offer an archery window in the corner of the blind, because archery windows are too narrow. This is why I offer an archery box on the roof of the blind.