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Image of Gingrich Hunting Blinds Logo

2 in 1 Blinds

2 in 1 BLIND

8 Archery Window – 36″ High & 22″ Wide

4 Rifle Window – 24″ High & 46″ Wide

Switch from Archery Window to Rifle Window in seconds with fold up wall!

5′ x 5′  2 in 1 Blind – $2,195
6’ x 6’  2 in 1 Blind – $2,395
7’ x 7’  2 in 1 Blind – $2,585


1/2 door 24″W x 32″ H included-FULL DOOR 2’W X 6′ H – $85
Trap door 2′ W x 4′ L $135.00- 4′ WIDE DOOR – $185

The Pro’s and Con’s on All Deer Blinds

I am eighty years old, and hunt in 3-5 states each year for whitetail deer, I hunt approx. 100 days a year. Over the years I hunted in a lot of different types of blinds that are on the market and saw a lot of things I didn’t like. This is why I decided to design my own blinds.

Windows – The more windows you have in a blind, when a deer is on the move you have to move your weapon in and out of each window. A wide window is beneficial. Ask the vendor if they offer different heights of windows. The higher the window, the more light it will leave in your blind which you don’t want. Consider the blind spots between windows. Consider the thickness of the glass, plexiglass is offered in 1/8 and 1/4″ thickness. A 1/8″ thickness the glass will warp. Consider if you can take the windows out of the blind during the warm season, that will give you a wider area to move your weapon. Most blind archery windows are 9-10″ wide. The widest windows on the market are 60″ wide. All blinds are built tight enough that you shouldn’t have to insulate your walls. A buddy heater will keep you warm. Do not wear camouflage clothing, wear all black clothing. It is harder for the deer to pick up your movement.

Walls – Consider the thickness of the walls, and the thickness of the sheeting that is used on the outside of the walls. If the sheeting has grooves in it, it is only half the thickness of the plywood, and this is where it usually goes bad first. Fiberglass is noisier than wooden blinds.

Doors – Consider the width of the window in the door, and if the door swings in or out. If a door swings out and you are in a windy area, the wind can blow the door out of your hands and break the door.

Roof – Rubber roofs don’t last as long as fiberglass does. If a limb falls on a fiberglass roof, it will break easier than a wooden roof.

Tower Stands – Metal stands are noisier than wooden stands. If you have a wooden stand and there are porcupines in the area, wrap your legs with metal 2 ft. high, and put a wire fence around your stairs of ladder 2 ft. high. The heavier the stand and blind is, there is less of a chance it will blow over.

There is more square footage in a square blind, opposed to a round blind, or a rectangular blind, which is of the same size.

Disassembled and Unassembled Blinds – If you purchase an unassembled blind, you can move it into a remote area. It takes approx. 2 hours to assemble it. If you purchase an assembled blind, you have to have a forklift to install it.

Amish built blind (Intercourse, PA)

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