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Image of Gingrich Hunting Blinds Logo


Tower Blinds

1. Turn floor upside down, put leg pockets on each corner, attach with large head screws.

2. Put 4″x4″ posts in each pocket, attach large head screws.

3. Put the (4) X braces on the legs

4. Set the tower upright, if the tower is 12 ft. or less, three men can set it up, if it is higher you have to use a pick-up or ATV to pull it up.

5. There are (4) walls 2 of them are larger in width. The one will be the back wall, and the other will be the door wall. Set the back wall first. Screw the wall down to the floor with 3″ screws.

6. Set either the right or the left sidewall next. Screw the corners together with 3″ screws.

7. Put the roof on top of the (2) walls. Keep it back far enough to set the other walls.

Note: If your roof doesn’t square up with the same overhang on all (4) sides, this only happens when your floor isn’t completely level. There is a way to correct this. If you would like to see the same overhang on both sides, call Dan, the builder, and he will give you the details. If there are any parts missing in your kit, call Dan at 610-593-6078. He can UPS the parts you need.

8. Set the other side wall next and the wall with the door last.

9. Put the roof in place and keep the same margin overhang over the walls on all (4) sides, and screw it down with 3″ screws.

10. Attach the stairs or the ladder bracket under the door, with large head screws. Have the (2) arms of the bracket pointed down for stairs. If you are using a ladder have the (2) arms pointed outward.

11. Installing the hand railing – There will be (2) posts for each side of the stairs, for 8 ft tower or less. If the tower is more than 8 feet there will be (3) posts of each side of the stairs. Install the posts flush with the bottom of the stairs and plumb it up. You can attach the bevel cut of the pipe to the door trim on the blind, keep it at the same height. Then screw the pipe down on top of the 2’x4′ posts.

12. Put on the corner posts and install the windows and the door latch, and your corner shelves.

13. If you have a blind with a 1/2 door, cut the 2″x 2″ boards flush with each side of the door. Install the aluminum angle on top of the carpet with 1-1/2 screws, or you can leave the 2″x 2″ board in.

14. If your blind is in an open area where it may be windy, I recommend purchasing reinforcement rods, 24-32″ long, and drilling a 3/4″ hole in the bottom of each leg on a 90 degree angle, and drive the rods into the ground.

15. To install the shooting table, screw the swinging arm that your chrome button is up against the bottom of your windowsill. Then set the table on top of the arm and crew it fast under the sill.

Option – A dry snow could leave some snow blow in between where the windows overlap. To prevent this problem from happening, you can go to your local hardware store and purchase 1/4″ x 1/2″ weather stripping with adhesive tape on the one side. Place it on the inside of the window where the window overlaps, this will prevent the snow from blowing in.

If you have any questions please call 717-468-2840


Ground Blinds

Anytime you are installing a ground blind. the most important thing of the whole operation is to make sure your floor is level, this is very important. The first wall you want to set is your back wall. On every blind the back wall and your door wall are both the same size. These walls weigh about 25 lbs a piece.

Next, you set one of the side walls. You put 2 screws in the corners and 2 screws on the floor. This blind is 4 ’X 4 X 5’ 10” high. We also have 4’x 5’, 5’x5 ,6’x6’, and 7’x 7’ blinds to chose from. The heaviest section is the roof. The roof weighs approx. 50 lbs. this is a rubber roof. It is easier to set the back wall and the side wall and then put the roof on top of the walls temporarily. Then set the other (2) walls that weighs approx. 25 lbs. each. Put the roof in place and screw it down. Then you install corner shelves. If you purchase the shooting table, or the curtains or Venetian blinds, install them after you put in your windows. The shooting table is 12” and folds down out of your way when not in use. When you install the arm that holds up your table, hold the chrome button under your windowsill and then screw hinges fast. When it folds away your chrome button should be tight up under the windowsill. You can turn the button up higher to make your table level. What is nice about a shooting table is you can use sandbags for your gun or crossbow to shoot long distances.

Install your corner posts 6 screws in your posts is sufficient. The last thing to be installed are your windows. Your windows will come with a paper coating you have to remove. Then you install your pull buttons on the windows. The blinds come with 16” high windows, you can also order 12” or 24”high windows for an additional $50.00. Your windows are 48” wide and if you order a 6 ft. or a 7 ft blind, you can get the windows up to 60” wide.

If you have any questions please call 717-468-2840