Image of Gingrich Hunting Blinds Logo
Image of Gingrich Hunting Blinds Logo

Ground Blinds

Hunting Blinds

4’ x 4’ Ground Blinds – $1,185
4′ x 5′ Ground Blinds – $1,285
5’ x 5’ Ground Blinds – $1,385
6’ x 6’ Ground Blinds – $1,585
7’ x 7’ Ground Blinds – $1,685

The ground blinds you can assemble them in less then 15 minutes. They are built on skids that you can move them around with an ATV or dissemble to move. Windows slide sideways and are noise free. You can take them out during warm weather and use your venetian blinds or curtains.

When all of the windows are closed in the blind, your scent is locked in. If you havea the venetian blinds or curtains, you can make your blind dark and no deer will see your movement. Only one deer snorted at me and ran off when I was hunting in my blind in the last three years. I recommend for you to wear black clothes over the camouflage.

Additional Options

24″ High Window – $50
4 set of curtains – $85
12″ Wide Shooting Table – $85

Interview & Design of the Blind

Promo Video

Tower Blind Installation

Ground Blind Installation